Why It's Never Too Late to Start Over

After 30 years in Bucks County, Lisa Yoskowitz has developed a "love affair" with the Lehigh Valley.

"I have a wonderful partner of many years that persuaded me to come up to the Lehigh Valley and because of that, I found the dream job that I always wanted and I am loving this community, I'm loving the Jewish community," Lisa said.

An involved member at her local synagogue, Lisa has now found a new home at Temple Beth El. She's enjoying exploring the Valley's quaint towns.

At 60 with two grown daughters, "there's never a time in your life that you shouldn't feel like you want to find a new home," Lisa said. "Whether you're a young family leaving the city or whether you're from a different suburb, I think that the Lehigh Valley is a place that you can grow a family and you can grow as a grown adult just like myself, and thats one of the many reasons why I love this area."