7 2013

BCJS: Hannah Arendt's EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM at 50 Panel Discussion

4:10PM - 6:00PM  

Lehigh University, Linderman Library, Room 200 30 Library Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015
610-758-4869 inber@lehigh.edu

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Panelists: Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein, College of Holy Cross; Dr. Claire Katz, Texas A&M University; Dr. Martin Shuster, Johns Hopkins University. Published in 1963, Hannah Arendt's EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM examined the character of Adolf Eichmann, a bureaucrat who never pulled the trigger of a gun and yet was responsible for the deaths of millions of people in the Holocaust. Arendt coined the term "the banality of evil" to describe this situation.  In the fifty years since the book was published, Arendt's analysis has received a great deal of attention. This panel will commemorate the book by discussing its important themes -- the nature of evil, responsibility, ethics, thoughtlessness, and forgiveness -- to consider what it might offer us today. Free and open to the public.